Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fourth Grade Music Performance

The fourth grade music performance was awesome!  The experience of learning all the lines of the speaking parts, songs, and knowing when not to sing on solos was tricky.  The base of the performance was when the founding fathers wrote the constitution.  That's why it was called "Shhh, We're Writing the Constitution!"  The competition for roles had a big demand, as there were only six main characters, and 90 fourth graders!
In the performance, I got to play Alexander Hamilton, even though I'm a girl.  The main characters were Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Edmund Randolph, and Governor Morris.  You could get a line, or a solo if you weren't a main character.  The performance went really well.  I thought people were nervous, but we all made it through!

By Estee

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Paperclip Economy

We are having a lot of fun in school with our economics unit, Let's Trade. One of the things we did was have a paperclip economy. It was where we had paperclips for money, and we had to buy different squares of paper in different colors to complete our shopping list.

There were four stores, and each one sold the paper squares for different prices. We had to spend our paperclips to fill out or order, but some stores ran out of supplies which made it challenging!

By Josh and Shay

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dear America

We had to do a project on how the country we were studying influenced the United States.  This was part of our PYP unit "Who We Are." The central idea was the movement of people has an effect on culture.  

We did the project on the computers and netbooks.  It was hard work!  We had to use many different websites and books to do the project.  Everyone was studying different countries.  Most of our day was spent working on our projects because it took a long time!

You can watch our presentations here: 
Cultural Showcase

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