Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Special Farewell Afternoon

The Thinkers had a water balloon toss for their friend Jacob because they won’t see him until high school.  He is going to a different middle school, but will be back with the Thinkers when they all get to high school.  The water balloon toss was something Jacob planned with his DHH teacher as a farewell, so it would be something to remember him by.

We made ice cream sundaes.  They were delicious!
After they were done with this fun activity they followed it up with their class party.  They got to make ice cream sundaes!  While they were eating, the class showed Ms. Diem the video they made for her.  She was so surprised that she could hardly talk!  She loved it!

They ended the day with a dance party listening to all their favorite songs.  The dance party lasted about a half hour.  It was a fun way to end the year!
This is some of the class wearing their new Thinker shirts!

Final Field Trip to the Farm!

We had a field trip on the last full day of school!  It was to the school farm, and there are a lot of videos that Ms. Diem took using vine.  You can see them on our twitter.  

The field trip was called Survivor, and we learned about how animals survive.  It fit in very well with our PYP unit Circle of Life.  We focused mostly on what animals have done to adapt so that they can take care of their basic needs.  

We got to play with a baby goat, and learn about their herding instinct.  We looked at turkeys and chickens and ducks and how they have a pecking order.  We also learned about bees and how they live in colonies.  Since the cats are always such a popular part of the farm, we even learned about cat adaptations!  It was a really fun trip!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Auction Time!

We had some delicious food to eat!
Our auction booklet outlined
everything for sale.
The auction items were so
awesomely awesome!

We had a class auction so we could spend all of our money that we earned doing our class jobs. There were many items that we could buy. Some examples of the items are a car wash set, boogie boards, and Frisbees.

We had very good cashiers.
They even did delivery service!
It was tricky because you didn't know how much an item would sell for, and if you were waiting for something later, you didn't know if you'd win it!  Some people bought their items (we were allowed to win two items) really early and their opportunity cost was that they couldn't bid on later items!

By Gavin and Gus

Space Pods

For our summative assessment for Sharing the Planet, we got to create space pods. We got a big piece of paper and we drew a great big space pod with our group.

First we pretended that Earth was blown up and we had to make a space pod to survive forever in space. It was super fun to see what everyone and their group drew for their space pods. There were hospitals, storage areas, driver seats, gardens, food courts, pools, bedrooms, workout rooms, and graveyards, and even more things.

These are pictures of our space pods.  They show that we understood the central idea of the unit, that living things are interdependent with each other.  This is because we needed to make sure we had enough to eat, and enough to take care of the plants and animals that gave us food.  We also had to make sure we stayed fit and healthy!

By Nikoletta and Gabby

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Writing Our Memoirs

We used different organizers and examples to help us get ideas for the different grades.
Memoirs, memoirs, memoirs! We need to finish our memoirs cause the school year is almost over we need to finish. WAIT!  Hold on a minute!  If I’m going to tell you this right, I need to start from the beginning.

The notes helped us make up our mind and made it easier to write.
First, we had to think about all the years we have been at Conant and what we did in those years. Now this took everyone a little while because we had to think four years in the past.  We had to think what we did like last blast,  field day, field trips to the farm and the nature center, and much, much, more.

It took a while because we had to write for all five grades!
Then we had to put in order the many (and I mean many!) notes about what was our favorite part of that year.  To me it felt like it took hours and hours and hours!  It drove me CRAZY even though I love to write. It drove me crazy only because I had to write in notes and trust me I really dislike doing that, I like to write in paragraphs much better.

Anyway, after writing notes, such as when did it happen and more questions?  We used the notes to make details with juicy word choices.  Each grade's memory has to have three paragraphs about it. To me, this was the most challenging part because you had to make your lines really flow well. Then we had to edit our work and the class has been practicing how to edit better. This is really challenging for a lot of people because you don’t really notice a lot of the mistakes.

Our list helped us fill out our organizers to write our chapters.
Anyway, after that you use your dana (A dana is a computer that is movable) and edit your mistakes then you print and you are done. Sadly, we aren’t quite finished but we are pretty far along and everyone is so excited to finish a project in the last two weeks of school.  Do you think we can do it?

Written By Marlee

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Yearbook Signing!

Every year there are some parents who are good at photography and like it. They take pictures for the yearbooks. On certain days they come to school and take pictures of us throughout the entire year. One day, slips come home to order year books and the kids order them.

Towards the end of the year, everybody that ordered one gets a yearbook. At the end of lunch on the day we get our yearbooks, it is a fourth grade tradition for all the fourth graders to go outside on the black top and signs year books. We all got a chance to talk to friends and. After we finished we were able to go straight to recess. Some people chose to keep signing, particularly the girls. 

By: Katie and Luca  

Field Day Fun!

You have to try and fish out plastic
]]\ animals with your toes!

Field day is always one of our favorite days of the year because you can play so many fun games!  The PE teacher organizes it for us, and our PE teacher is awesome!  There are so many games to play and activities to do!  There is running bases, and shoe kick, and hula hoop. There is also a lot of other games like rock and roll and sack races.
The marble grab is another one where
your toes have to work!
Musical buckets is the most
popular water game!
For the sponge race you get to
soak your friend with a sponge!
Our favorite part of field day is that you can get soaked!  We think that field day really shows that school can be a blast when the whole school is together. Once you were ready you could get a yummy cold popsicle that cooled you off.  Field day will always our favorite day of the year !!!!!

By Brynn and Dana
The cup race has you filling a water bottle
that your friend is holding using a cup!