Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Field Day Fun!

You have to try and fish out plastic
]]\ animals with your toes!

Field day is always one of our favorite days of the year because you can play so many fun games!  The PE teacher organizes it for us, and our PE teacher is awesome!  There are so many games to play and activities to do!  There is running bases, and shoe kick, and hula hoop. There is also a lot of other games like rock and roll and sack races.
The marble grab is another one where
your toes have to work!
Musical buckets is the most
popular water game!
For the sponge race you get to
soak your friend with a sponge!
Our favorite part of field day is that you can get soaked!  We think that field day really shows that school can be a blast when the whole school is together. Once you were ready you could get a yummy cold popsicle that cooled you off.  Field day will always our favorite day of the year !!!!!

By Brynn and Dana
The cup race has you filling a water bottle
that your friend is holding using a cup!

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