Friday, November 15, 2013

All About States!

We learned all about the States in Location, Location, Location. We made posters to show what state we did. There are two state posters on tweetwrite. The states are Montana and Vermont.   Another game we played was a state game. If you got a question wrong, you see a sentence saying “sorry that’s not the correct state.” All the states are color coded. We had lots of fun doing this!
By Kennedy and Blake

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Talking Turkeys Part 3

Cole's Einstein

Meghan's Santa

Parker's Batman

Blake's Football Star

Isabelle's Artist

Jaya's Indian Girl

Talking Turkeys Part 2

Kennedy's Santa

Liam's Ninja

Riley's iPhone

Sam's Thor

Zainab's Hula Dancer

Ella's Farmer

Talking Turkeys Part 1

Brigette's Baby

For a writing activity about persuasion, we did an activity about turkeys who were trying to disguise themselves so they wouldn't get eaten for Thanksgiving. Panteli loves Sam's because it was really realistic. Riley likes Chloe's because it is very unique and fun.

We didn't just make turkeys, we also made them talk! We wrote a script to put on a site called Blabberize. We said what we wrote on the script, and then it looks like the turkey was talking! Luckily, none of these turkeys got eaten!

By Panteli and Riley

Chloe's Porcupine

Daniel's Biker

Grant's Rock Star

Jack's Santa

Jules' Scottish Lad