Friday, April 26, 2013

Economic Adventures!

Working with our third grade friends, we wrote stories that had an economic problem.  The best part is, we animated them using the iPads on an awesome program called Toontastic!

You have to check out our cartoons!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Conference Screencasts

We are having a lot of fun in school, but our favorite thing so far is creating our conference screencasts.  For our conference screencasts, we are using iPads and an app called Explain Everything.  It is a really cool app!  You can work on your project, and then save it to work on later.  The app costs $3.00, but it was worth it!

We had to do a storyboard and write a script before we got to work on the iPads.  Once Ms. Diem approved our script, we got to work on the iPad to create the presentation.  We had to take pictures and explain how to do things.  It was a lot of work, because sometimes we had to record a slide a few times!

The conference screencasts are to show our parents at conferences.  They were really fun to make!

By Gavin and Shay

Healthy Lunch Choices - Thank You!

Thank you so much for taking our survey! The information we got was very helpful to see if kids know about healthy foods and what kids think is healthier but is not healthier. Thank You!!
--Estee, Nikoletta, Gabrielle, and Jacob.

 Apples vs Apple Juice
The survey results for apples was 100% correct! 100% of the kids surveyed knew that apples were healthier than apple juice! Apples are healthier than apple juice because apple juice has lots of sugar and apples have artificial s
ugars which are good for you.

Potato chips vs baked potato chips
The results of potato chips vs baked potato chips was 74% of kids surveyed thought baked chips were healthier. 26% of kids said regular were healthier. Baked is actually healthier because it’s baked and therefor has less grease.

Corn on the cob vs Corn in a can
87% of kids surveyed thought corn on the cob was healthier than corn in the can. 13% of kids thought corn in a can was healthier. The right answer is corn on the cob because they put sugar on corn in a can. It’s also not healthier because it’s not fresh.

A sample of the responses.
Baked chicken vs McDonalds chicken nuggets
87% of kids surveyed thought grilled chicken breast was healthier. 13% thought that McDonalds chicken nuggets were healthier. The right answer is Grilled chicken breast because they put junk in chicken nuggets like fat and sugar, and they are fried in oil.

White bread vs Whole grain bread
94% of the kids surveyed thought that whole grain bread was healthier. 6% thought that white bread is healthier. Whole grain bread is healthier because it uses all three parts of a grain kernel, which are the bran, the endosperm, and the jerm. White bread only has the endosperm and not the other two parts which are very nutritious. Whole grains also give you energy.

Tomatoes vs Ketchup
100% of the kids surveyed thought that tomatoes are healthier than ketchup. That’s everyone who took the survey! Tomatoes are healthier because ketchup is processed and it has sugar in it.

Snowman Assembly Line

The snowman assembly line was a way to teach us how to work on an assembly line.  The first time we made the snowmen, we had to work alone, taking as much time as we needed to make sure our snowman was perfect.  Then, after we talked about how that went, we were assigned jobs.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Exhibition Survey - Thank You!

Dear teachers,
      Thank you for answering my survey. It helped me out with exhibition a lot. I noticed that most of you did have programs to help the hungry children and that it was hard for the children to focus. Lastly I learned that there are a lot of hungry children and we can help them. Thanks again for answering.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Reading Day

Reading day was a day when the whole school dropped everything and started to read! It happened on the last day of March, since March was reading month. We could bring in a stuffed animal, or a blanket and pillow.  We could even wear pajamas if we wanted!  Someone came on the announcements and said when to start reading and when the reading time ended.

Since it was a half day, our class got to read for an hour and a half!  Everyone read different kinds of books.  It was super fun.  We pushed the desks aside so we could lay on the floor and read.  That was a really fun reading day!

By Gabrielle and Nikoletta

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Book Clubs

The Thinkers have book club groups.  During our PYP unit How We Organize Ourselves the Thinkers read books that connected to economics.  Every few days they met to discuss what they were assigned to read the days before.  They also had to summarize the section and record aconomic connections.  Once they completed all the sections of their book, they had to do a project on what they learned.  Some groups did skits, some did pictures. It was fun!

By Josh