Monday, March 23, 2015


Our class is working on collecting data to organize and analyze.  If you would please take a few minutes to answer our surveys, we'd really appreciate it!

There are three surveys and each has three questions.

Thank you!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Minecraft Matters!

We have been using MinecraftEDU in the classroom for nearly three months. Yet, I still get giddy when the class logs in, as the enthusiasm has only built as time goes on. The Thinkers are constantly making connections between Minecraft and just about everything we do. I'm seeing improved communication skills, which have transferred to all areas in school. The questions the Thinkers ask, the problems they face, and the solutions they create are a testament to how much MinecraftEDU has impacted our learning across the board.  But I'll let some of the Thinkers explain that....

Pioneer Days Field Trip

By Naeem & Skylar

We went on an awesome field trip to the Nature Center where we got to go into the woods and visit the log cabin and barn. We all loved the fact that we got to dress like a pioneer..

We had a fantastic time! We got to make cookies and play with old fashioned dolls. One of them was creepy because it's head was made out of a dried apples. We also got to use a pump to get water from the well. We dipped candles by hand by dipping the strings in hot wax. We made cookies that cooked in an old fashioned stove.

Then we went to the barn and used tools like an old fashioned saw, a sharpening wheel, a hole tool, and a peg maker. We even used an old tool that made it easy to carry a heavy log around the barn! When you are using the saw someone else has to sit down on the log so it doesn’t move and then 2 people pull back and forth to saw. After we used the tools we even got to play a little bit on the rope swing! It was a great field trip!

Fraction Fun!

There was a math unit that we learned about where we studied fractions.  It was so much fun!

One of the first things we got to do was eat smarties after we used them for fractions.  We had to organize the smarties into colors and then write the fraction for each color.  Then we had to compare the fractions for the different colors.

We made our own set of fraction fringe.  That is a tool that helps us see different things about fractions, like how 2/8 is the same as 1/4 and so on.

Fractions were not as hard as we thought and it was fun to  learn about them!