Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Meet the Mayflower

Around Thanksgiving, we were learning about the pilgrims and their voyage.  We went into the hallway. We were learning about the Mayflower so we wanted to measure how long the Mayflower was. At first we didn't have any rulers, we had to experiment and see what we could figure out.

We had to plan how to figure out to measure the length in different ways and spots.  It took a lot of cooperation, but we figured it out.  Measuring with our feet helped, sort of!

Then we got rulers, and we found out that each tile was one foot long and the Mayflower was 110 feet. So we started to count 110 tiles.  In the end we found out how long the Mayflower was,and it almost took up the whole hallway!

After we figured out how long the ship was, we got to see what it was like inside.  We figured out how much room the pilgrims had to sleep. They did not have a lot of space! We found this out by laying down in the hallway.

By Mustafa and Kora

Food Chain Fun

Trying to arrange ourselves into complete food chains.
By Kora & Mustafa

We were in the classroom learning about food chains. Then Ms. Deim came up with a fun activity. To create our own food chain! We were each assigned something to draw that was part of the food chain.

Then we had to organize ourselves into food chain groups.  We had to decide what parts went with what food chain.  We each had to share our presentations with the class. Then one group shared with the class. One food chain was completed! They were colorful and pretty like the spider.  This was a fun project, hope we do more activities like this one!
Another group has finished their food chain.
They did a really nice job. 

We are drawing an animal and putting information on that animal on our drawing.
They are going to be placed on the bathroom doors that are in our classroom.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Shopping Time!

By Skylar and Naeem

We have class stores and we all enjoy them. We earn money from Class Dojo and our jobs. Then the store opens every few months and we get to spend our money! 

We get receipts for what we buy.  Our class really liked the pencils, dry erase markers and erasers, and toys.  There are lots of items to pick from!

 Kids try to balance their money account so they don't run out of money.  The money we use is fake and is also known as class money. We each have a class job and we do them to get our class money.  It is very exciting to us Thinkers!

We have stuff that we need like pencils, paper and many other stuff. But we also have wants like boncy balls, playdough and bubbles. Many people bought wants but some people bought needs.

We can even buy things betweens stores like pencils or dry erase markers if we need them.  The store really is exciting for us!

Friday, November 7, 2014


By Cody and Samantha

In the fall we were learning about animals. We had to do a little classification to start. We will tell you a little bit about it.

We worked in groups to organize the pictures how ever we wanted to. Then we had to explain how we organized them. Some people organized them by feathers or hair or fur. Some people organized them by laying eggs or live birth. There were lots of different ways the groups organized the pictures! 

We ended up with five different groups. There are the reptiles and fish that have scales and mammals, who have hair or fur. There were birds that have feathers. There are also amphibians. We learned a lot about classifying animals!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Election Day 2014

In light of election day here in Michigan, take a peek at a story that very well may make sense of this crazy day!