Monday, November 24, 2014

Shopping Time!

By Skylar and Naeem

We have class stores and we all enjoy them. We earn money from Class Dojo and our jobs. Then the store opens every few months and we get to spend our money! 

We get receipts for what we buy.  Our class really liked the pencils, dry erase markers and erasers, and toys.  There are lots of items to pick from!

 Kids try to balance their money account so they don't run out of money.  The money we use is fake and is also known as class money. We each have a class job and we do them to get our class money.  It is very exciting to us Thinkers!

We have stuff that we need like pencils, paper and many other stuff. But we also have wants like boncy balls, playdough and bubbles. Many people bought wants but some people bought needs.

We can even buy things betweens stores like pencils or dry erase markers if we need them.  The store really is exciting for us!

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