Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Meet the Mayflower

Around Thanksgiving, we were learning about the pilgrims and their voyage.  We went into the hallway. We were learning about the Mayflower so we wanted to measure how long the Mayflower was. At first we didn't have any rulers, we had to experiment and see what we could figure out.

We had to plan how to figure out to measure the length in different ways and spots.  It took a lot of cooperation, but we figured it out.  Measuring with our feet helped, sort of!

Then we got rulers, and we found out that each tile was one foot long and the Mayflower was 110 feet. So we started to count 110 tiles.  In the end we found out how long the Mayflower was,and it almost took up the whole hallway!

After we figured out how long the ship was, we got to see what it was like inside.  We figured out how much room the pilgrims had to sleep. They did not have a lot of space! We found this out by laying down in the hallway.

By Mustafa and Kora

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