Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Maker Space at Macul

One day we went to COBO Hall for a huge expo about technology. It was called MACUL. We were there to talk about Scratch and Tinkercad. 3,000 to 4,000 people came to see what we do in our 3rd grade class. Tons of technology experts came to learn how to use Scratch and Tinkercad. We used the awesome chromebooks we have in our class.

Madden showed a 2nd grade teacher how to make an insect on Tinkercad. Eliana showed a lot of people her video on Scratch. Brandon showed his video game to some people and they all loved his game. Zoe showed people how to use Tinkercad. We had so much fun and we had such a great. We want to go there and present again and again!

By Madden & Eliana

Scratch Pad Project

We love to do coding! In scratch we have been working on games. We have scratch pad to learn some moves for the sprite to do before we get to our final project of creating our own video game. Two of the moves is talking with a sprite and changing the color of the sprite.

In scratch you can do many things. You can also make the sprite spin in a bunch of circles. You can change the background and the sprite. We all love scratch! We love it because it is really fun! You can make it do almost anything you want and you can even make it sing opera! So that is why scratch ROCKS!!!

By Hannah and Masah

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Reading Day!

On April 2 our whole school had reading day! We got to read all day which was fun!

When we got to school, the desks were pushed back for us to put the blankets down. It was a half day so no math!!! We got to bring slippers, a blanket, and a small stuffed buddy or a small pillow. First we got to see our kindergarten buddies and read with them for the last time in reading month. We also made a certificate for reading for our buddy and they made one for us.

Then we had snack and went to art and finished our projects. When we got back to the room, some of us went to read around the school. We got to read in the media center or fine arts wing. The others got to build a fort in the classroom.

The halls where crowded with excited readers. It was my favorite day! Did we mention we got to wear our pj's?! How we made the fort was with chairs and the blankets from home and some pillows or a stuffed buddy. We also got to go in it and play Minecraft. I think next year it will be just the same but no Minecraft.

Now you see why reading day was the best day ever!!! Turns out reading day was actually a lot of fun.

By Bella and Mustafa

Monday, April 6, 2015

Reading Month!

Did you know March was reading month? Well it was!! Here are some of the things we did.

For the first week we read with our kindergarten buddies which was really fun. We also made a really cool door cover and we all put our favorite books on it.

The 2nd week was fun too. We did no electronics starting on Monday for Screen Time Shut Down.  You had to turn in at least one ticket which meant you shut down screen time for that whole day. At the end of the week Bella and Eliana have won the award of a gift card that had 10 dollars in it to buy a book at Barnes and Nobles. 

The next week we did reading with are buddies and we had to fill a survey about reading. We used that survey for math where we were learning about graphs.  Both our buddies and us took the survey on our iPads.

After that week we had a book mark contest.  Everyone decorated a book mark for reading month.  The class voted on all of them and we picked one winner.  Everyone will get a copy of the winning book mark!

The last week we made bookmarks for our buddies and they made them for us and on the same day we got to read around the school, and we got to wear our pajamas. 

That is what we did in reading month.

By Brandon and Ryan