Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Reading Day!

On April 2 our whole school had reading day! We got to read all day which was fun!

When we got to school, the desks were pushed back for us to put the blankets down. It was a half day so no math!!! We got to bring slippers, a blanket, and a small stuffed buddy or a small pillow. First we got to see our kindergarten buddies and read with them for the last time in reading month. We also made a certificate for reading for our buddy and they made one for us.

Then we had snack and went to art and finished our projects. When we got back to the room, some of us went to read around the school. We got to read in the media center or fine arts wing. The others got to build a fort in the classroom.

The halls where crowded with excited readers. It was my favorite day! Did we mention we got to wear our pj's?! How we made the fort was with chairs and the blankets from home and some pillows or a stuffed buddy. We also got to go in it and play Minecraft. I think next year it will be just the same but no Minecraft.

Now you see why reading day was the best day ever!!! Turns out reading day was actually a lot of fun.

By Bella and Mustafa

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