Tuesday, February 24, 2015

DIA Day!

This is one of the ONLY things at the DIA that you can touch!

We had fun playing Eye Spy in the different galleries.

We used the See, Think, Wonder routine to learn more about the art.

It was awesome seeing the Native American artifacts that we learned about!

It was a really fun day at the DIA!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine Action Project!

By Kora and Mustafa

On Valentine's Day we all made Valentine cards for Meals on Wheels.  It was part of Do Something dot org's projects.  We all got to design our own cards. The valentine cards were funny and pretty. We could only use certain objects such as hearts, flowers, markers, glue sticks, colored pencils and scissors, and we also colored them.

Everybody had to use these same materials. We all thought of excellent ways to use the same materials differently.

We put all of our cards together and took a picture of them.  All of them were nice and some hearts had mustaches and legs and hands. They were all addressed to Meals and Wheels in Howell Michigan.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Down on the Farm!

By Hannah & Ewan

We went on a field trip to the farm in February.  It was pretty cold out there!  Especially when we were in the barn!

At the farm we talked about the space and area for when they are growing their plants. There were posters that had questions that we had to answer.   It was all using math!  

We measured out different ingredients to make recipes.  We had to use fractions for that!  We did math story problems about all sorts of things that the farm does every day.
We also talked about how many eggs the chickens lay in a day and did math with that. Also we learned about area and perimeter. Next we found out if a horse was a pony by measuring in something called hands.  Lastly we talked about natural resources and what we use them for. The day at the farm was awesome!!