Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Food Chain Fun

Trying to arrange ourselves into complete food chains.
By Kora & Mustafa

We were in the classroom learning about food chains. Then Ms. Deim came up with a fun activity. To create our own food chain! We were each assigned something to draw that was part of the food chain.

Then we had to organize ourselves into food chain groups.  We had to decide what parts went with what food chain.  We each had to share our presentations with the class. Then one group shared with the class. One food chain was completed! They were colorful and pretty like the spider.  This was a fun project, hope we do more activities like this one!
Another group has finished their food chain.
They did a really nice job. 

We are drawing an animal and putting information on that animal on our drawing.
They are going to be placed on the bathroom doors that are in our classroom.

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