Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Healthy Lunch Choices - Thank You!

Thank you so much for taking our survey! The information we got was very helpful to see if kids know about healthy foods and what kids think is healthier but is not healthier. Thank You!!
--Estee, Nikoletta, Gabrielle, and Jacob.

 Apples vs Apple Juice
The survey results for apples was 100% correct! 100% of the kids surveyed knew that apples were healthier than apple juice! Apples are healthier than apple juice because apple juice has lots of sugar and apples have artificial s
ugars which are good for you.

Potato chips vs baked potato chips
The results of potato chips vs baked potato chips was 74% of kids surveyed thought baked chips were healthier. 26% of kids said regular were healthier. Baked is actually healthier because it’s baked and therefor has less grease.

Corn on the cob vs Corn in a can
87% of kids surveyed thought corn on the cob was healthier than corn in the can. 13% of kids thought corn in a can was healthier. The right answer is corn on the cob because they put sugar on corn in a can. It’s also not healthier because it’s not fresh.

A sample of the responses.
Baked chicken vs McDonalds chicken nuggets
87% of kids surveyed thought grilled chicken breast was healthier. 13% thought that McDonalds chicken nuggets were healthier. The right answer is Grilled chicken breast because they put junk in chicken nuggets like fat and sugar, and they are fried in oil.

White bread vs Whole grain bread
94% of the kids surveyed thought that whole grain bread was healthier. 6% thought that white bread is healthier. Whole grain bread is healthier because it uses all three parts of a grain kernel, which are the bran, the endosperm, and the jerm. White bread only has the endosperm and not the other two parts which are very nutritious. Whole grains also give you energy.

Tomatoes vs Ketchup
100% of the kids surveyed thought that tomatoes are healthier than ketchup. That’s everyone who took the survey! Tomatoes are healthier because ketchup is processed and it has sugar in it.

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