Thursday, June 13, 2013

Final Field Trip to the Farm!

We had a field trip on the last full day of school!  It was to the school farm, and there are a lot of videos that Ms. Diem took using vine.  You can see them on our twitter.  

The field trip was called Survivor, and we learned about how animals survive.  It fit in very well with our PYP unit Circle of Life.  We focused mostly on what animals have done to adapt so that they can take care of their basic needs.  

We got to play with a baby goat, and learn about their herding instinct.  We looked at turkeys and chickens and ducks and how they have a pecking order.  We also learned about bees and how they live in colonies.  Since the cats are always such a popular part of the farm, we even learned about cat adaptations!  It was a really fun trip!

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