Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Space Pods

For our summative assessment for Sharing the Planet, we got to create space pods. We got a big piece of paper and we drew a great big space pod with our group.

First we pretended that Earth was blown up and we had to make a space pod to survive forever in space. It was super fun to see what everyone and their group drew for their space pods. There were hospitals, storage areas, driver seats, gardens, food courts, pools, bedrooms, workout rooms, and graveyards, and even more things.

These are pictures of our space pods.  They show that we understood the central idea of the unit, that living things are interdependent with each other.  This is because we needed to make sure we had enough to eat, and enough to take care of the plants and animals that gave us food.  We also had to make sure we stayed fit and healthy!

By Nikoletta and Gabby

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