Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Learning Fun!

I'm pretty sure that the Thinkers are enjoying their summers (at least from the pictures I've seen floating around!  10 Thinkers in one dunktank?!) and so is their teacher!

It's been a wonderful summer, relaxing with Sparky, taking lots of walks, and rubbing my knuckles raw.  Well, maybe that last part wasn't so wonderful, but the new tiles in my kitchen and bathroom look amazing!  Renovating my house was pretty fun, though I don't intend to pick up grout any time soon!

Anyway, while the Thinkers are relaxing, their teacher is LEARNING!  Today kicks off the official back-to-school mentality, as I have three technology in education presentations in the next 48 hours.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still savoring summertime.... yet.... I'm getting excited about all the new learning adventures that await this fall!

Check out my presentations HERE!

 Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!
Ms. Diem

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