Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Google Earth

Thinkers on Google Earth looking at the Titanic.
Google Earth is a program where you can look at the different parts of the earth. You can look at the earth, or even go into outer space! You can see parts of the earth from every angle! Google Earth is a fun and easy way to get directions, or see countries, states, cities, and more. You can even see stars in Google Earth!

You can type in any place in the world. Say you typed in the White House. You could follow the roads and see the front of the White House, or even see the inside of the White House! If you type in Titanic, you can even go under water and see where it sunk! There is so much you can do with Google Earth!
Getting step-by-step directions.

By Brigette and Nick

Going from the Cider Mill to Conant.
Two Thinkers enjoying Google Earth.
A Thinker looking at the stars!

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