Monday, March 10, 2014

Ford Rouge Factory Field Trip

By Chloe

On the way to the factory we had to take a long bus ride. We got lost and ended up near the bridge to Canada. Finally we got there and started off to see the assembly line. It was fun to see the parts being carried to one place to another. The workers smiled at us and carried on with their work. After, we saw the finished F150. We saw people driving them around. Then we got to see the green roof from the observation tower.  We saw crickets and the drainage of the parking lot.
We went down a big elevator and into a movie room. We saw the history of Ford. We saw how they made some of the older cars like the Model T. The first movie was not loud but the next was so loud you could feel it in your heart! It was a stimulation. At some points the fans came on and there was a mist. The ground even shook once! We sat in chairs that spun around so that you could see one of the seven screens. After that, we went to go get lunch. Lucky on the way back we did NOT get lost!!!

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