Friday, May 17, 2013

Mirror Math

How do we use it? What is it supposed to do? What’s the point of a mirror board? Those are all questions we had when we saw the purple plastic things. I’ll tell you, a mirror board is used to make a duplicate of a picture. We used it to review symmetry, and lines of reflection.
Mirror board games like billiards were a fun challenge!
So was playing darts!

Here is one example so there is a picture of let’s say a dog. So then you use your mirror board put is next to the picture and looking through the mirror board, you see a duplicate of the picture, in this case, the dog. It helps you copy the pictures much neater and nicer.

Also it can work for any picture, even you name in cursive (although it will turn out backwards and it is pretty tricky, it is even more challenging then a smiley face!) To me a square is pretty simple. What do you think is challenging and what do you think is simple?

Written by Marlee

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