Thursday, May 30, 2013

Plant Experiments

For our plant experiments we had to try to grow a plant any way we wanted.  It could be grown a different way than normal, like without soil or something.  Eleanor and Jillian grew their plant in popcorn and after a week it grew mold and by the next week it smelled so bad, we had to throw it out in the outside trash can. 

Gus and Josh grew their seed in the dark with water and soil and it grew taller than the one with all the things it needs to live. We found out that they were leaning towards the cabinet opining and storing it like a cactus for water.  

Estee tried to grow hers in Cheerios, but that didn’t work.  Barry tried growing his with just sunlight, no water or soil, but that didn’t work.  When he added water a week later, it did start to grow!  Katie tried to grow hers using hand sanitizer instead of water but that really didn’t work!

We learned that plants really do need water and sunlight to grow, but the growing material can be different.  Even the seeds that grew really tall in the dark cabinet ended up dying without sunlight.

 By Jillian and Eleanor

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