Friday, September 26, 2014

Class Jobs!

By Isabella

We got our first jobs this week!  There are 17 different jobs.  Some jobs have two people doing them each week.  We get paid five class dollars for doing our job, but the substitute gets two dollars every time he or she does their job.  These are three of our jobs: substitute, photographer, and technology captain.

Even though we are in third grade, we still had to fill out a job application.  Ever Friday we get our pay checks.  With the money we get from our jobs we can buy stuff from the class store that opens once a quarter.  We can also buy supplies like pencils and erasers whenever we need them.  Every two weeks we get a new job.  We are excited about our next jobs!

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  1. Ms. Diem! This is awesome! Have you ever thought about using LiveSchool? It is a free behavior management app for teachers. You give points to students all week in the app (like you are doing with your class jobs) and then you print paychecks for students at the end of the week to share with parents. The app keeps bank accounts for all your students so that when they are ready to "buy" a reward like a pencil or a field trip you can track it in the app!