Friday, September 26, 2014


By Isabella

Did you know our classroom has a twitter wall? We posted our thoughts about Michigan symbols for our first post. One of our post on the wall was by Isabella. She said “I think a symbol expresses something.” Ewan said “I think symbol is something that can be remembered.” “I think a symbol is like a state bird, a state deer, or a state fish” is what Jackson thought. Naeem said “I think a symbol is something that represents things.”

We also posted about bullying on the twitter wall. We watched a video about a girl who was getting bullied. To go with the video we read a book called Say Something by Peggy Moss. In it a girl watched other people get bullied but didn't say anything. We posted on the twitter wall about what we noticed in the video and book. Skylar said “the video made me feel sad for the person being bullied.” Brandon thought “It changed in the book and the video by a kid getting bullied, but this time, someone stood up for her.” Another Thinker said that they were both about speaking up.

So far we have two posts on our Twitter wall, and we look forward to our next posts!

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