Thursday, September 25, 2014

International Dot Day

By Eli

Have you ever herd of International Dot Day? Dot Day is a day where people from all around the world come together and celebrate dots. It is every year on September 15th. I interviewed 5 people and 4 said that dot day was exciting in it's own way. 1 person said it was fun. There's so much to learn about Dot Day!  

To kick it off, we read a story called The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. It's about a girl named Vashti who said she couldn't draw. Her art teacher asked her if the blank paper in front of her was a polar bear in a snowstorm. Vashti said "no, it's blank." Her teacher said you can do something. So Vashti drew a dot in the middle of the paper. The next time she went to art class Vashti saw that her dot was framed and hung it over the teacher desk. Vashti said "I can draw a better dot than that!" She drew big dots and small dots and green dots and red dots and many more dots! One day all the dots were displayed and her dots were everywhere! A little boy was sad because he didn't know how to draw and said he could barely draw a straight line. Vashti told him to draw one, and then sign it, the same way her teacher did for her.

Between us and our buddies, we made enough dots for our own dot museum, just like Vashti in the book! We also got to use a really fun app called colAR to bring our dots to life! They jumped off the screen of the iPad! It was so much fun celebrating Dot Day!

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