Thursday, October 16, 2014


By Eli and Isabella

Eetchy makes writing easier for people. Eetchy is a caterpillar with different colors on it’s body. The first color is green. It means the group it’s in.  The next color is blue for "do." The next is white with the eyeball, and that is "what does it look like."  The next color is wood-colored and that means "what is it made of."  The next is pink, and those are the parts of the topic.  White is "where."  The last color is orange with a question mark which means "what else do you know?" These are all the parts of Eetchy!

Eetchy’s colors help you with writing on a topic.  Mrs. Goldman, our school’s speech teacher, comes in every Friday to help us with our Eetchy writing.  Eetchy is a fun way of working on writing.  We we wrote about fall, we focused on blue do, pink parts, and what does it look like.  a bird, and an apple.  When we wrote about a bird, we focused on blue do, what does it look like, pink parts, and what else do I know.  Eetchy is helping make writing easier for us!

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