Friday, October 17, 2014

Mr. Baker's Visit

by Cody and Brandon

Do you know about Native Americans?  Well if you dont, we have some intersting facts.  On October 10th, on a Friday afternoon, at Conant Elementary, Ms. Diem's class and Mrs. Bedell's class went to the fine arts wing.  Once we reached the fine arts wing, we saw a guy named Mr. Baker.

Mr. Baker had white hair and a white goatee.  He wore round glasses and had an interesting voice that makes you want to listen.  He also had strict rules to follow.  He was super interesting!

Here are some facts we learned from Mr. Baker.  Did you know that you should hunt in the Fall or Autumn time?  You should do that because it's not too hot or not too cold.  Now, what should you do with all that meat?  If you leave it out, it will rot, so you should put it into a bog lake.  The bacteria will kill the germs and the meat will stay nice and not rot.

Native Americans played a game similar to lacrosse.  They used hard balls if they were going against different tribes, but if they were going against their own tribe, the used a leather ball filled with seeds.

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