Thursday, October 16, 2014


Osmo is a fun educational iPad game. We have done Osmo words and tangrams in class. Osmo words helps you with your spelling skills. Osmo Tangrams helps you with your shapes and puzzle skills. For Osmo Words, there are little letter tiles that you need to turn into fun words. You see a picture on the screen and have to slide the letters into the playing area before your partner. Your goal is to spell the word on the screen. It isn't as easy as it sounds! For Osmo Tangrams you turn shapes into great creations.

Osmo is a great way to build learning skills. Zoe said that "Osmo is fun for kids because of the different things they have to play with."  According to Masah, "It teaches you a lot of skills and it helps you think better and how to think faster, especially when you're playing words!"  Visit their website to see Osmo.  Buy Osmo because its a fun way to learn.  Have fun playing Osmo words and tangrams!!!!!!!                                                

By Madden and Eli

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